I am in the marked for a Rolleiflex and I am currently looking for a Rolleiflex model 2.8F incarnation.

I see on the "Date my rollei" page that the "last" Rolleiflex 2.8F series started in 1969 ( http://www.rolleirepairs.com/models.htm ).

What I don't quite understand is; How _long_ was this line produced, before being replaced? (was it replaced by the GX and FX?)
While scanning eBay, I've yet to find a Rolleiflex from the 70's, 80's or 90's (what is the name of the models produced then?), I only find stuff from the 40's to late 60's.

I am, off course, looking for a camera in good working and good cosmetic condition, but I am not looking for a piece to display in my living-room, I actually plan to shoot with the thing.
Looks like a reasonable price to pay for a version from the 60's is around 1200-1500 in Europe, depending on condition and accessories I suppose? (after comparing prices)

So, I'm thinking that newer is always better, as long as the condition is good........or is it?

I was planning to go for the Planar version, although I get from various discussions that xenotar may be just as sharp (or even sharper some say).

I like the look of the Classic 2.8F, but why aren't there any Rolleiflex 2.8Fs' around for sale from the 70's, 80's and 90's ?
- Did rolleiflex quit the whole thing between 1970 and 2000-something, when they came out with the GX version?

Any Rollei-nerds around with some clarification on this?