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If you're waiting until you get back to the States, you'll have a ton of options. Don't worry about it now. Concentrate on making negatives. (If you can, the advice to contact print them now is a good idea.)

I'd actually recommend looking for a 4x5 enlarger once you're back, even if you don't think you'll want to print from larger than 6x9. For the Omega D2/DII (what I have) and Besseler 45 series, accessories are extremely common, and the bigger chassis will be more solid for working with all sizes, and leave you the option of going to 4x5 later if you should decide to do so. They don't even take up significantly more space than, say, a 23CII. But while common the 23CII is probably more common.

They're very cheap these days, the problem is shipping (even within the US) or even finding someone willing to ship them. A guy on the large format forum just gave away two nice looking 4x5 enlargers free for picking up, if you happen to be in his part of Canada. I got a spare Omega D2V for $25.