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An additional note about dumping chemistry into the sump. Don't, as the fitting will corrode. Personal experience there.

I dump chemistry into a bucket for disposal upstairs. Wash water and residualk amounts are not an issue.

I am on my second pump in 20 years. Submersible and automatic level sesitive, sealed and corrosion resistant. Sunk a pit in the cellar floor lined with heavy duty polythene dustbin - the cellar floods to a depth of a few inches every few years or so which gives the pump a good workout and keeps the floor pretty well dry. At least the labels don't float off my wine bottles.
So far as chemicals go, everything goes down the plug-hole, but I make sure the taps are full on when pouring chemicals out.
PS Make sure the pump is powerful enough to get the waste up to where it is going - mine has to lift about 12 ft.