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I am interested in learning about enlarging negatives in the 6 x 9 format. I recall long ago that ease of enlarging stopped at 6 x 7 and that with the 6 x 9 size, the number of available enlargers decreases dramatically. In other words, the 6 x 9 format is much more rare to print due to the need of a special type enlarger.

Is this true? If I am interested in printing at home in future, should i stay with 6 x 7 or smaller? I know nothing about enlarging and am only going on a long, distant memory.

Thank you for your help!
Maybe not so true in the USA, as the Beseler 23 (2" x 3" is about 6cm x 9cm) is a pretty common enlarger. Otherwise I'd say many people use a 4x5" enlarger to do 6x9. I think 6x9 is a great format but there are not a lot of 6x9 cameras out there. Which one do you have?