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...Are you still involved in using it offten?...
Because neither FP4 Plus nor HP5 Plus are my favorite films, use of the SV Wholeplate had trailed off somewhat compared to when I first received it. However, this year Ilford added wholeplate Delta 100 to the list of items one could order. I'm enthusiastically shooting with it now and don't anticipate that will subside.

As a side note, Delta 100 printed on Ilfobrom Galerie is one of the most exquisite combinations I've experienced in more than 45 years of photography. Those film and paper curves were made for each other.

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...I assume viewing ground glass is the nirvana!
The SV Wholeplate ground glass frame's routed opening is deep enough to permit installation of any viewing screen desired. I've placed a Satin Snow ground glass topped with a Maxwell fresnel in it. Not only the size, but a bright and even image makes using it very pleasurable.

I've never been able to examine a Lotus camera, so don't know how deeply GŁnter routs the ground glass opening. You might wish to speak with him about that to ensure flexibility. The opening on a wholeplate Chamonix I saw was too shallow for more than one viewing screen component.