Last week, i was reading a thread on a french forum which is 200% dedicated to digital. A "very good photographer" of this site was blaming that he is bored by landscape photography. He said that he had practiced too much landscapes, had a 500px site with a lot of "watchers" (or whatever the name they have on that site), the photos that he posted had a lot of views, everybody says "wabadabadou waoo" and others very interesting and fantastic comments.

So i gave a look at his gallery, and, 99.999% of his landscapes were hdr with perfect exposure, perfect DOF and etc... I just sent a message at the guy to say that he has to look at some works like the work of Ian Ruther , perhaps he could get some interest on it and then, think different about his own photography. I have got no response from now. He sure reply to others who said "you have to continue, you are so good" .

So, to answers your question, i would say no, they (we) can't. We live in a world which is going too fast. People just wants to give a look at and then, go to the next things without understanding the previous thing.

Can fast food diners eat real food?
Do you know that a famous fast food chain in france is now the company who is selling the largest number of meals in the country. Historically, we are supposed to be the "slow food" country.

In my professional life, i work with some companies who are producing bananas for european customers. You can't imagine the quantity of banana which is everyday waste because there is a small mark here, the size is not under standard etc.. And bananas is not the only one, most of industrial food production is like this. Why they are wasting it ? Just because the "customer" don't want it. In fact, the customer is the giant market who is deciding what is good and what is bad (the thing is in terms of what ?)

Sometimes it's funny to think about some SF stories which said that some in the worlds tends to dominate and modify the opinion, thoughts and views of people. i don't know who are they but they are about to succeed !

I don't know if my answer is off topic but it was just my piece of thought.