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There is definitely a trend towards over-saturated manipulated images.

Kodak had always prided itself on accurate color reproduction. Then, in the early '80s IIRC, Fuji came out with a new family of color negative films with enhanced color saturation and the consumer market loved it. If you took a picture of your house in August, instead of a faded blue-gray sky and yellow-brown grass, you got a blue sky and green grass. Kodak had to bring out new color negative films with higher color saturation in response. It's no surprise many people now over saturate the colors of digital images; please note that this is the personal choice of the photographer and NOT a requirement of digital imaging. Personally, I don't like over saturated images from either analog or digital sources.

(FWIW, I started using digital manipulation of images in the early '50s using my hands and fingers to dodge and burn B&W photo enlargements. Manipulation of images is as old as photography.)