The saturation dilemma is quite recurrent in stock photographers fora.
On one hand it seems that flashy colours attract buyers.
On the other hand, a stock photographer often produces with the very long run in his mind - more than 10 years in my case - and wouldn't like to fall prey of passing waves. (the "long run" depends on the kind of subjects).

It should also be considered that "oversaturated" taste is not something new. The immediate success of Velvia - which is a bit of analogue equivalent to high saturated photoshop images, although it cannot reach certain excesses - and its killing of Kodachrome are a demonstration of the fact that an important segment of photographers (and clients) leans toward high saturation.

Before Velvia, the reason of the continued success of Kodachrome, notwithstanding its cumbersome development process, was probably saturation. Not by chance the advent of Velvia greatly affected Kodachrome sales.

The photographic market has always been divided between "correct, unbiased" colour rendition (material like Astia or Portra) and "saturated, flashy" colour rendition (material like Velvia or Ektar). Commercially I think that nature and travel magazine and calendars have never disliked high saturation, while textbooks, travel books and general editorial have probably leaned more toward natural rendition.

I suspect many images bought by clients for publication are actually "desaturated" in print. That leaves the question open, whether the high saturation helped the sale in the first place.

I think that these two "aesthetics" will both exists for the long run, but the "excess" of digital manipulation is probably going to fade in the long run, just like the instagram effects or the Lomography aesthetic. I wouldn't bet my family jewels on that though. The "long" run can be very long and as John Maynard Keynes famously said: "in the long run we are all dead".

My particular choice is, in general, to refrain from any excessive saturation and to privilege the long run viability of the images, besides satisfying my own taste which leans toward a natural rendition of things.