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I am in the marked for a Rolleiflex and I am currently looking for a Rolleiflex model 2.8F incarnation.

I see on the "Date my rollei" page that the "last" Rolleiflex 2.8F series started in 1969 ( http://www.rolleirepairs.com/models.htm ).

What I don't quite understand is; How _long_ was this line produced, before being replaced? (was it replaced by the GX and FX?)
While scanning eBay, I've yet to find a Rolleiflex from the 70's, 80's or 90's (what is the name of the models produced then?), I only find stuff from the 40's to late 60's.

I am, off course, looking for a camera in good working and good cosmetic condition, but I am not looking for a piece to display in my living-room, I actually plan to shoot with the thing.
Looks like a reasonable price to pay for a version from the 60's is around 1200-1500 in Europe, depending on condition and accessories I suppose? (after comparing prices)

So, I'm thinking that newer is always better, as long as the condition is good........or is it?

I was planning to go for the Planar version, although I get from various discussions that xenotar may be just as sharp (or even sharper some say).

I like the look of the Classic 2.8F, but why aren't there any Rolleiflex 2.8Fs' around for sale from the 70's, 80's and 90's ?
- Did rolleiflex quit the whole thing between 1970 and 2000-something, when they came out with the GX version?

Any Rollei-nerds around with some clarification on this?
The Rolleiflex production fell of dramatically in the late 60s as news photographers all went to 35mm as well as wedding photographers. Studio photographers using 120 would generally use hasselblad. There was still some production though. If you see the serial number that starts with 295...... it is from the mid to late 70s even to the very early 1980s. At that point Rollei started making a lot of collector cameras and especially expensive cameras... the Platin and the Aurum and GXs commemorating years as well as GXs intended for use. In the early 2000s or maybe very late 1990s they started making the FX very expensive but intended for the most part to be used. The Asian market became the top market for Rolleis and is to this day with the new FX-N, FT and FW which are all still available new. I am not sure if the recently introduced FX-N means that the previous FX is ended. Certainly the new FX is still available from dealers.
If you want to buy a Rollei and you don't care about a removable finder and using a prism then condition is the issue more than model. The lenses remain the same until the HFT coating on the Platin and the GX/FX. The meter is drastically improved starting with the GX but it is electronic and needs a battery. Otherwise the older F every bit the camera and arguably more than the FX since the FX has no self timer and no locking pc connector.
So if all you care about is the single coated lens and waist level finder then you might as well save yourself some money and get an E or even older. Condition is everything in that regard.