Hi guys, I've finally decided to get some B&W processing done to save $$$ and save my self from scratched negatives.

I've read a multitude of tutorials, but I'm not sure what beakers, grads, syringes, etc that I will need.

Besides Dev/Fixer/PhotoFlo (Jetdry?)

I KNOW I will need

1. Dev. Tank
2. Reels
3. Changing Bag
4. Something to pry open a 35mm cartridge
5. Distilled Water for the final rinse
6. Sink to pour liquids out into
7. Thermometer

I plan on starting with HC110 (I figured that since I can barely make myself a hot chocolate from powder without having clumps on the bottom, I should play with powders later), so I will need small glass vials to store it in.

First: what do I need to get my developer up to temperature?
Second: what size graduates will I need to mix up my fixer?
Third: What size graduates will I need to measure out the necessary amounts of developer/fixer during development?