Black and white developers work at 20C, room temperature. You can adjust the development time for any temperature between about 18C and 24C. The other chemicals are not temperature critical and will work anywhere in this range. So you do not need any special equipment or techniques to get your chemicals to the proper temperature. Most developing tanks require 500 ml of chemicals. Ordinary kitchen measuring cups - those with markings on the side - are accurate enough for developing film. You can order darkroom graduates of appropriate sizes from a photo supply store if you want. I would suggest a one litre size and a 100 or 125ml size for small quantities of chemicals that you want to dilute.

An additional consideration in your planning is to determine where and how you will hang the film to dry. (You can dry film on the reel, but it is a long and uncertain process.) You need a dust free spot, with about 5 feet (about 1.5 m) of vertical space. I strung a clothesline in my darkroom. A wire hanger could be pressed into service. You will also need some clips to hold one end of the film on the line and to weight the other end. Wooden clothespins work well, but so do other things.