A normal bottle opener will open a 35mm film can real easily. I usually use the edge of scissors. A timer is kinda important; There's an app for that, or you can get a cheap digital kitchen timer for a couple of dollars. If you have a room with no windows and can wait till night, you can skip the changing bag.

I'd second your suggestion to stick to liquid concentrate chemicals. It's much easier unless you have shipping difficulties.

Your list is pretty good except you'd want something to measure the hc110 with. A little nyquil/dayquil cup will do for small quantities of one-shot developer concentrate like hc110. I'd suggest using pyrocat-hd (liquid version). It's two part, so each liquid lasts forever on it's own till you mix it at developing time. You would use water stop bath with it, saving an additional chemical. tf4 or tf5 fixer is a liquid concentrate that makes a gallon that lasts a very large number of re-uses. Have a safe place to store your chemicals out of reach of kids and where it won't be mistaken for a beverage. I use wide mouth juice bottles for chemicals.

I use clothespins to hang the film up to dry.