Photoflo (or a competing product) should be your final chemical - not distilled water. Although many use distilled water to make up the working strength Photoflo solution.

Definitely not Jetdry!

If your room temperature is between 19C/66F and 24C/75F you just need to use room temperature water to mix everything, and then adjust your developing time accordingly. It doesn't take long to prepare a few liters of room temperature water.

I use a 45ml graduate with some water in it to measure HC110. I add 6ml/roll of the HC110 syrup to the small graduate, and then dilute the resulting mix to the dilution I want (e.g. dilution E - 6ml syrup diluted to ~ 290 ml working solution).

My larger graduates come from the kitchen section of the Dollar store, or are old darkroom supplies I've obtained through Craigslist.

If you indicate where you are, there is a good chance there would be someone on APUG nearby who has some extras (I know I do).