The Burke & James will be fine for now, but speaking to my husband and doing some thinking has brought me to think that I should probably look at other options before too long. However...I don't know enough *about* the other options. I have read through the documentation on and I suppose I have a few questions.

What I shoot most will be environmental portraiture, traditional portraiture, still life, and basic landscape. This leads me to think that an older wooden camera would be more to my liking. I don't need the lightest thing in the world because I won't be hiking with the thing anywhere. I would have about $5-600.

What, in that price range, could I get? I know that a 2D, in 5x7 or 8x10, could be found with patience at that price. Also the older Agfa/Ansco wooden cameras, as well as the Koronas. But what's the sturdiest of them?