I started with film and developing/printing.

Then when the d100 came out, I got involved in Digital. Still doing digital, but somewheres in the past 5 years I got bored with digital's perfection and clinical look. It wasn't much of a challenge to do a good job with digital, and I wasn't seeing the artistic value in a perfect representation of a scene in proper calibrated color and biting sharpness. Clinically perfect reality is a farce and digital perpetuated that.

Film filled the void. I can still do perfect B&W prints with film, but it's not a perfect representation of what my eyes saw; it's something I've done with what I saw.

I'm no fan of bad-craft (scratches, dust, streaks), but I do like brush marks on alt process print edges, printing film borders (even if you overmat it), etc... Even soft focus sometimes.