I think, living in Iowa, the old portrait cameras are going to be harder to source. I know that there was one in the window of a store in Ames for years, but it went out of business and I don't know if he ever sold it. May be worth it to find out as I remember it having a huge brass lens attached to it. I also think that it was an 11x14, which is just about crazy.

The only problem I have with the monorails is that I find them clunky in the event that I *do* have to transport the thing somewhere. A 4x5 I had no problem with, but an 8x10 would be monstrous.

I'm watching an 8x10 2D slowly drop in price right now, along with the 5x7 Conley on Ebay. Oh, and I kind of wish that this one was 8x10 or 5x7 instead of whole plate. It has a pretty nice back from the looks of it.