Forgot to add stop bath to the list

I already have lots of archival sleeves from print file that I bought to store my dad's old negatives that he took over the years

Clothes pin and hanger: Check

What size(s) graduates do I need (at least 1L one to mix enough for my tank, right?) and how many will I need (one each for dev and fix?)?

Should I put my fixer into a few small bottles and use 1 at a time til it runs out? Or just keep 1 large bottle and dump back into it?

Also: just to check my math: HC 110 Dilution B (1:31) in a 600mL tank would be 18.8 mL HC-110 and 581.2mL water and that would go directly into the tank?

I read somewhere some one actually used jetdry as a wetting agent (will spend the few $ on Photo flo)
Also, I heard that photo flo ruins plastic reels?