I plan to cut Fuji 8" and 20" color papers. I plan to do it in a light tight walk-in closet. It has carpet and I plan to duct tape the door. Was thinking of doing in the basement, but then I'll have to seal all 4 windows.

I have available 2 51" Dahle 558 rotary cutters. Also an old Nikkor rotary trimmer that I can use for the 8" paper. My main question is on how to use the cutter. Plan A is to feed the paper from the right side, emulsion side up, goes below the plastic paper clamp, and gets precise measurements at the backstop and the top edge. My concern is on the emulsion side going under the plastic clamp. Should I just skip the paper clamp and protect the emulsion?

Plan B is to feed the paper from the left. Second Dahle would be at right to catch the paper. Then the paper stops at the backstop at the right on the second cutter. Again I can decide if I should let the paper run through the plastic paper clamp. Plan B would be for the large 20" paper since I may cut it to 30" long and the surface of one cutter is not that wide.

Some more questions:
1. In bedroom closet, the cutting would be done above the carpet. Would the dust be a big problem?
2. Would the emulsion be damaged if I run the paper through the plastic paper clamp?
3. The basement is large with 4 small windows. Do I need to seal all the windows at night? Or I can get away with two of them (far away ones) open?

For the 20" large ones, I still need to find good paper bag for it. No problem with the 8" since I have some used bags from the used papers....