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For the record, the test above was done with the camera in aperture priority mode (f/16) and a Tiffen 40.5mm uv filter attached. I just re-did the test without the uv filter

E-P1 Auto exposure mode
E-P1 = 1/320 sec @f/10
SBC-R ~ 1/320 sec @f/8
SBC-I ~ 1/320 sec @f/9

E-P1 Aperture priority mode
E-P1 = 1/125 sec @f/16
SBC-R = 1/125 sec @f/16 +1/3
SBC-I = 1/125 sec @f/16 +1/3 (this time reflective and incident readings matched - I have no explanation why)
The E-P1 gave the same readings in both modes.
The SBC gave different readings first time and second time and the differerences are 2/3 and 1 stop. I think there is something wrong with the SBC readings.