So Saturday I hand-loaded some fresh Delta 400, not exactly the OP's Tri-X, but close in a general sense.

Ran a test to find my limits again, developed using DD-X by the book for EI 500, metered using the "duplexed incident" method at EI 500. Normal incident reading was within 1/3 stop.

Shot 10 consecutive shots inside about 10 seconds: portrait of a black, white, and brown dog in northern window light; so normal studio portrait contrast.

Shot at EI's 125,160,200,250,320,400,500,640,800,1000. The frames at 125 & 1000 were lost because of cutting errors when I cut the roll to develop and test other EI's from the same roll separately.

Each print from 160-800 was printed to get "the same print". Given the results even if 125 & 1000 had a taste of clipping the prints would have been just fine.

The prints from 160 & 800 are virtually indistinguishable. At arms length I can't tell the difference. With a 10x loupe I can barely tell in the near white and near black areas, in the mid-tones I can't tell them apart at all.

My point here is that the OP's Tri-X, like my Delta 400, has really good latitude.

Get either of these films "somewhere in the ballpark" and you have a really high probability of getting the print that is expected.