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A few points are missed here......

I have made 16x20 and 20x24 prints from 35mm color negatives.
I have had a few poster size prints made from 35mm Negatives, One for a Ricoh Af-5 that My father used. the prints look marvelous. the APS emusion was no doubt just as good.

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As for film formats, I do not deny that Kodak introduced a host of film formats.
For years Kodak was in a position to inntroduce new formats where they thought there was an advantage to do so, and I do mean a customer advantage. APS cartriges wre smaller than 35 for a reason, they cameras could be made smaller! A Kinica AA-35 is the thinest cameera that you can do with 35mm, I used one as my Carry Camera for years as it fit my pocket. The APS cartrige would have allowed an even thiner camera. The AA-35 is almost as thin as a Disk camera, but the format and the small negative (Alowing a small lens) were all about making a thin camera.

The change over was of course also a profitable enterprise for Kodak's Photofinisher sales departmnet as it proably sold new equipment, - mind you they often made updates for existing units which would have had a higher engineering cost per unit sold if it was an update for a machine taht was no longer made.

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As for producing some of the formats today, this would take a lot of equipment that just does not exist. In addition, at least 126 required an extra step in preparation in which the entire strip of film was flashed to form frames around the sites where the image was to be placed on exposure.
The "Orca 110" B&W has this step, although not in teh same format are the other makers film. Someone building low voulme tooling to make 126 or 110 could proably do this step with a regsiter contact printing frame after the film was perforated. And that can proably be done with the film flat on a set up with multiple punches, the holes do not have to be made with the same sort of spacing precison as for movie film.

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but our children loved those cameras and carried them everywhere. They took a lot of photos, and they told us that their friends loved them.
And those kids are now using cell phones and thin compact digitals, I hate to admiot (here especially) that a Nikon Coolpix is now part of the items taht sometimes travel with me, it is Precisly because it is the size of the disk camera, and the shots I take with it are for quick sharing, rather than as long term images.