This a a very nice 500mm Komura lens (serial #401xxx) with the interchangeable Helical Focusing Unit II (serial #412xxx) which will also work with the Komura 300mm and 400mm. The glass is clean, no fungus, marks, some dust, but it will not adversely affect images. It has a 67mm UV filter and its original front lens cap for the lens and the original rear cap for the helical focusing unit. The Helical Focusing Unit II also has the tripod attachment. This lens will work with the Bronica S, S2, C, S2A, EC, and EC-TL bodies. You can also use a 2x auto adapter, e.g., Telemore 95 or Vivitar 2x, to double the focal length of this lens. $325 plus shipping/insurance and paypal fees if paid for in that manner.
Percentage to APUG. I will try to post pictures in the next day or so. Send me pm or email. Jon