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What size(s) graduates do I need (at least 1L one to mix enough for my tank, right?) and how many will I need (one each for dev and fix?)?

Should I put my fixer into a few small bottles and use 1 at a time til it runs out? Or just keep 1 large bottle and dump back into it?

Also, I heard that photo flo ruins plastic reels?

fotoflo is harmless to plastic reels, one 1-pint bottle will last you about 5 years. maybe 10. Mine has. I use 1/4 capful per tank with 3 films.

I use corning glass 1- and 2-cup measures -- and a 4-cup. They're glass, they wash, use them for dev or fix, wash again then you use them for cooking, 35 years and nobody's been poisoned.

pour the fixer back into the 1-gallon bottle and use until it is expired. You know it is expired when it takes longer than 5 minutes for the milky look on your film to clear. When it does, dump the fixer out of the film container and into the sink, pour more in from the gallon, repeat until the film is clear (it will) and then dump the rest and mix new.