Hi Randy,
I think maybe you are a dangerous person for me to be talking to! Lol. I've been collecting/pack-ratting for about
35 years, and only recently got some control over my buying impulses. But a recent topic on one of the forums on the 4X5 Linhof Color, and now your post on the big Kardan has me thinking maybe I could buy just one more camera (or maybe two). I have a few eBay searches I do on a regular basis, and somehow Linhof has been added to that list. Not that I would actually buy one of course. Just curious what is out there. I do have a rather well used Technika IV, so I'm not totally Linhof-less, so don't feel too sorry for me.

If you have a chance, could you weigh your Kardan? For some reason, Linhof didn't go out of their way to publish weights of these. I suppose since they were a studio camera, as long as the floor was strong enough to hold them, the actual weight didn't matter.