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I bet it is in production like Hasselblad 503CW or Nikon F6's are in production - they made a big production run several years ago and are slowly clearing the shelves. Once they get to XX percent left, they will decide if another production run is warranted.

Don't know if this answers you question but I remember speaking with the Nikon rep once and this is the answer he gave when I asked about F6's. Apparently there are several thousand F6's sitting in a warehouse in Southern California, awaiting purchase. Until they are all sold, it is official in production. However, due to similarities between F6's and DSLR's it would be easier to "make another run" of F6's than to make another run of GF670's since there is nothing else like it in Fuji's current lineup.
"If you thought film was dead, think again. The Japanese camera maker is still producing its flagship professional-series film SLR, the Nikon F6. However, it does so in smaller quantities and only produces 50 units monthly."

CNET Asia 10 Feb 2012: What goes on inside Nikon's Sendai factory