Until I got some film clips I used clothes pegs. Fiddly but worked.
Before I got a change bag (actually a dark box but same idea) I used to go into the bedroom and close the curtains, turn off the hall light, prop up the blankets and reach under to load the film.
Never had an issue but yes it was fiddly and a change bag is easier.

For temp control I use a plastic tub and half fill with water just over 20c and put chems bottles in there.
Add hot or cold to get it about right and after a while the chems are close enough.
If they're slightly off I use Ilford's correction chart for my dev and adjust time accordingly but always get it within one or two degrees.
The longer I do it the more gadgets I get such as extra grads and 1l jugs with lids for each chem, permanently marked with the type of chemical, fitted with lids so each can be made up and the jugs put in the tempering bath in advance, and now I have a plywood drying cabinet to cut down on dust (and bloody cats! They LOVE chewing up fresh negs!).
Also I'm moving Into stainless tank and reels which are harder to load but easier to clean.