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I have one. It's a sweet camera. A few minor idiosyncrasies. And one minor design flaw. But overall I love it.

If you're asking because you think you might want one down the road, don't wait. Scrimp where you must to get it as soon as possible. You never know what the future holds, but if your hands are holding a camera you'll have no regrets when that future arrives.

Well, these cameras will show up in the used market more frequently as time goes by so I am not too worried about when to get one. I'd love one now while I live in China but the prices are just stupid. $1800 for a USED one. That's crazy, more expensive than new (in the US). Brand new here in China is $2200. I guess people pay that amount here.

What do you think is the design flaw? What are the idiosyncrasies? I'm curious as to your experience with this camera?