I have just read in a UK Photographic magazine (Amateur Photographer, week ending 10 Nov 2012, page 5) that a Photographic Competition in it's 43rd year the Nikon Photo Contest 2102-2013 has imposed a new rule which states that no film based entries are elligible!

Nikon still list the F6 and FM10 film SLR's on it's website and Nikon have confirmed the F6 is still in production! It will accept images that have been re-touched using imaging editing software, but does not stipulate what can be used. the last time the competition was run 2 years ago film based, scanned images were allowed.

Nikon discontinued their range of scanners in 2010 but this should have no bearing on the end product. Are they scared film images are still better?(My thoughts?)

The magazine continues:- "A spokes person for Nikon Europe who is dealing with press enquiries about the competition was not available for comment at the time of writing".

Personally I feel that this is a really bad snub for Film photographers. I have used Nikon equipment for the past 20 years and was thinking of expanding my equipment to possibly include and F5 or F6 but I now no longer feel inclined to do so. I may move over to another make.