Hi all

I bought a Jobo CPE2 on ebay:


When it arrived the spindle was not working so the drum would not change direction. I made a video to show the seller:


As it was listed to be in perfect working order, I have asked the seller for a refund.

This is his response:

Hi Paul,

I was suspicious of the video you sent yesterday of you using the machine that I sold to you.
It is written in big bold letters in the manual, DO NOT TURN ON THE UNIT WITHOUT WATER. The video you sent clearly show running it with no water. You will have destroyed
beyond repair the heaters thermostat. I cant repair this and no parts are available. With regards to the spindle I was
under the illusion that I might have made a mistake with the machine but clearly you did not read the manual at all that
was sent with the item.

The video you sent confirms that you used the unit without water so regardless of anything you have now damaged the item beyond repair. I cant and won't accept this back for a refund Paul. I am not a shop nor a mug.

Under no circumstances will I take the unit back for a full refund now that you have damaged it as proven by your very own video!

You should have read the manual before operating the machine.

To quote directly from the online Manual ( The same as sent to you )

"Note: Text in this format is informative. It contains additional details to explain the basic information presented.

Caution: Text in this format presents important procedural information. Failure to follow these instructions could adversely affect the processing of your film or paper.

WARNING: Text in this format presents critical information. Possible damage to your equipment or personal injury could result from not following these instructions!

Here is the link to the manual: http://www.jobo.com/jobo_service_ana...he%20Processor

Here is the link to the video you sent, showing you using the machine with no water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHKwU...eature=mh_lolz

I have downloaded a copy of you video to my home computer.

You cant use equipment like this without reading the manual. An expenisive lesson and one I am not willing to pay

[FONT=arial, sans-serif]- photograpicswapshop
Is this likely to be true? I did not run the motor for an extended period, and the thermostat was not turned on at any time.

I get the feeling that the seller is trying to pull a fast one.

Any advice would be helpful as I have opened a dispute on paypal.