I agree Polyglot.

Doesn't have to be that way.

One of the role models I aspire to mimic is Jose Villa. ( Josevillaphoto.com )

He has a well defined style that looks good and is well supported by his business plan.

He shoots film because it is well suited to the aesthetic effects he wants and it is workable because he doesn't need 2000+ shots to cover a wedding.

Jose sends the film to a lab because it saves his time and focus for selling and shooting. I think this is actually an extension of the attitude/business ideas, that Henri Cartier-Bresson had.

Film and proofs come back ready for the client to proof. (Scans are done too so he is ready for the next steps.)

Jose weeds the trash out of the proofs and is down to a few hundred shots for the client to sort through (instead of a few thousand).

Jose meets physically with the client who keeps 1 out of each 3 or 4 shots and those are sent out the next subcontractor on the chain for finishing.

Easy peasy, next.