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You don’t need a cassette opener, as when you rewind the film, listen and feel for it coming off the take up spool and then stop. In this way when you open the back of the camera some of the film leader will still be visible. You can then pull out about 6”, as you probably wasted this amount when loading the film into the camera. Cut the leader off and load the first 6” into the spiral in daylight. Thus making it easier to do the rest when in the bag.
What Clive says is true in terms of ease of loading the spiral the first few times, but IMHO it's well worth practicing doing the whole process in the dark and removing the film by dismantling the cassette. As it is, the film gets dragged through the light trap twice anyway on the way out and then back in, each time having the potential to cause tramlines/scratches if the trap has picked up any particles of crud. Taking the cassette apart avoids hauling the film through the cassette jaws a third time. For that reason, I always wind the film right back into the cassette if it is to be processed commercially (as with slides for me). Against all of this is the argument by some that the light trap is more effective when film protrudes through it....... !
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