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Personally I have a 4x5 linhof TechIII with a 6x9 rollfilm back, sports finder and grip.
I don't have any real experience with this, so please let me know if this impression is accurate--will a 4x5 body reduce your ability to use wide angle lenses? You will be limited in your lens/film distance, limiting your choice of WA lenses.

In the graphic arena, the speed graphics have a thicker body than the crown graphics, again limiting the WA lens choices. I have a 65mm angulon for my speed, and it just works. I can't put it on the focus rails, but have to put it on the rails inside the body. This makes focusing a bit more challenging, but with a wide angle and a small aperture, I can get away with it. I do have a hack in mind to let me use the focusing rails, but I have never put it to use.