I realize that very very few people here are in the business of family portrait photography or studio photography so they have no real understanding of its progression or evolution in today's world.

I also realize that most here are probably scenic photographers who may or may not sell their work. The fine art crowd here probably think that selling photography is tied up in galleries and in art shows and that is the sphere they inhabit.

In that world I guess that there is a lot of navel pondering about digital, analog and the changes that are, and have been taking place in photography.

But if you were to step out of your world and into mine you would see that there are almost zero people involved in analog photography anymore. The clients could not care less. They are buying what it on the paper/canvas and not how it was made. They are buying pictures of their loved ones and the emotional impact is built in. In my little world of hundreds of thousands of photographers, we are putting hundreds of thousands of portraits on the walls of people homes. We have no angst, and we have no major concern for process per se. We want the best we can get and we now have it.

So when most of you spend your days in deep concern for all things photographic, be aware that all those "portrait types" are happily using the newest tools and newest toys and having fun making images for people who actually buy them. Granted some are a little over done but as all things new that will settle itself out. We also run the gammit of lousy photographers all the way to great photographers, but we never are too concerned about process, we concern ourselves with results.