I have two Jobo CPE2, one with lift, one without lift. I tried both to process C-41 and so far I like the one without lift. For me, I see the pros and cons of the lift:

1. Lift is simple if your darkroom is set up properly. But for me, the sink/drain is on the right hand side. So I have to collect the chemicals into bottles.
2. Lift would have more cross-contamination. So it is great for one-shot processing. Since the chemicals go through the lift and also the pipe, chemicals get diluted rather faster.
3. I see some leak out of the discharge pipe when I add chemicals to the tank through the lift. I do not think there is anything wrong with my lift, just the design of the lift. The leak is small, but just annoying to see the developer and bleach on my countertop.
4. It is such a hassle in the rinse stage. To lift, you'll have to turn off the motor, move the lift and dump the water. Without the lift, I can keep the motor running, then just remove the tank and dump the water. I ended up doing the rinse every minute, instead of 30 seconds, which is not ideal.
5. I feel I have more control without the lift. If I see anything not right, I can just uncouple the tank from the magnet. But for lift, you'll have to shut off the motor. Removing the tank is not that fast.

What do you guys think?