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I'd rather flick the button over if I see something than have to wind on. Just easier to do. I am in the habit of keeping the camera ready, but sometimes that means putting the camera away with a cocked shutter. So the button lock is a useful feature.
There has been some discussion whether storing a camera with shutter cocked is good or bad, depends on the model.

I like the idea of a shutter lock on the Spotmatic F, there are plenty times when I lost a frame unintentionally (even with the lock I have a dog shot on a roll of Plus-X hanging on the drying rack because I didn't use it). But, last time I had the camera out - it was in the locked state when I tried to take a picture. I know what to do to flick it over, but I lost the moment and I got a couple half-hearted shots.

Anyway, why did they leave the optical image stabilizer off the M2?