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The one that still gives me nightmares is taking the Pentax LX out for it's first real outing to cover a pancake race sponsored and competed in by all the local stores. One really great shot was everyone skidding and falling over on the wet cobble stones. When I got to frame 38 I thought no way, at frame 39 I pulled open the back swearing to myself. Well I had almost loaded the film but I hadn't given it enough leader and the film was still happily sitting at the start. Happily for me it was so wet that there were other fun moments to capture.
Um, I've sort of done this one too...!

I was shooting around Liverpool city centre on a quiet Sunday morning and happened across a movie set! They were filming something called Al's Lad's (I think) and had a load of old cars and a few familiar faces (including Ralph Little). I asked for permission to shoot and they kindly told me that as it was a public place they couldn't stop me even if they wanted to!

I banged off what was in the camera (the end of a roll), reloaded and started shooting again. After a (long) while it dawned on me that this appeared to be a *very* long roll of film.

Wound on.

Left hand spool didn't rotate.


Turned out I'd been a bit vigourous with the wind-on while loaded and had bust the sprocket holes on the leader....

Yes, I can be a real pillock at times!