Picked up a 500cm with waist level and 2 A12 backs from KEH a couple years ago. IIRC the body was EX condition and indeed it was. I could hardly tell it from a new one. Film wind is still buttery smooth and I have never serviced this camera. Only problem I had was one of my backs had a bad light seal which I replaced myself for about $20, easy to do, just check YouTube. Total for body, finder, and backs was about $600. If I had that kind of loot to spend on a new camera, I guess it would feel good knowing it's new, but for hobby use, it would never pencil out for me.

In fact I unloaded my Pentax 645 system to get the Hasselblad system figuring that I can always get service in the future, probably not so much for the Pentax, which was a great system BTW.