(in response to my desire for viewers "who notice and care about the details that motivate our choices of process")

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This just sounds like seeking the viewers validation to me. Painters don't ask the viewers to have any knowledge of how they mix paints or the brushes they use. This self-consciousness feels like the root of 'the photographic problem' and it's definitely not the viewers fault. If it's there, it's there. It's incidental in the end. Don't burden other people with your fetishes - this is why we have APUG.
I'm not sure I get your point. I'm talking about the details of the result that *motivate* us to use film, not the self-conscious fact of using film. I don't care if a viewer knows or cares that the way I got the grain to look like that involved Tri-X and Diafine, or whatever, but I'd like them to see and appreciate the sense of grittiness that showed up in the image at the end of the day.

Which I suppose is "seeking the viewer's validation", in the sense that wishing people would see and like one's work is *always* seeking validation. Is it really desirable to be a photographer (resp. painter, writer, musician, whatever) who really doesn't care one little bit if they manage to communicate to anyone?