After owning and borrowing a few wide angle zooms (canon 16-35L, Pentax M 28-50, old Canon 20-35 L), I find using them a COMPLETELY different experience than wide angle primes. I find myself using prime lenses much more frequently for the challenge that they present. By this I mean that I am forced to find a good composition by moving, squatting, lying on the ground, etc. I took a Tokina 14mm prime and an old Canon film body out in downtown LA recently. I had a blast trying to find pictures I could take, as that was the only lens I brought. I don't think I would have had the same experience with a 16-35 zoom.

I'm wondering if there is anyone who is an active user of wide-angle zooms. What do you like about them? Do you find yourself using the middle of the zoom range, or just the extremes? How does using a zoom expand your creative possibilities?