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What do you think is the design flaw? What are the idiosyncrasies? I'm curious as to your experience with this camera?
I had one for a while. Things I especially didn't like:

- Can't close it with a filter mounted. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I left the optional hood-plus-filter unit mounted all the time, which meant that I left the camera open all the time. Some users reported rapid battery drain with the camera left open; fortunately, I didn't have that with mine.

- Never did get used to the feel of the shutter release - pretty light overall, but with an odd crick in the middle.

- The folding mechanism felt a lot flimsier than that of the old Ikontas I've owned.

Things I especially liked:

- Very competent lens.

- Nice finder with framelines that correct for parallax and field size - much nicer than the Mamiya 6/7 finders IMO.

- Very light weight for the format.

- Shutter action *very* quiet - quieter than a Mamiya 6/7, if you can imagine that. (Alas, the winding action is a bit buzzy.)