A few weeks ago I asked a question on the Ilford website.
Basically I pointed out that I work in a school and when I show kids film cameras and prints, they (some of them) are interested. The first thing they do is go to YouTube and look it up(yes I know but like it or not, to kids YouTube and Facebook/Twitter IS the centre of the universe! lol).
Whilst there are many vids on developing you own film etc, there was none from Ilford showing just how easy developing your own film and printing can be.
I suggested that to help 'capture' potentially new customers.
Here is there reply:

Dear Mr Abbott,
We have discussed your idea at a Technical Service meeting. We all agree that this is a good proposal and we would like to produce some darkroom videos. We are currently producing a set of videos on the use of a pinhole kit for schools. When these are complete we would then move on to more general subjects.
Thank you very much for your suggestion.
David Abberley.

So it's a start. What vids on YouTube would you recommend?
Remember this isn't a question on the benefits or not of youtube, that's what the kids use. As you know there is some real rubbish on there, so it would be good to point them to some 'better ones' especially ones that show how simple it can be, yet still get good results.