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I have the PB4+Slide copier setup and have done some capture of slides to negatives. What information are you looking for exactly - how much resolution and color fidelity can you capture?

I also sent some slides to Fuji and they gave me internegs. This wasn't my intention but back then (1990's), in order to get 2" X 30" prints from slides, Fuji would first make an interneg then optically print from it. I'm not sure if they still do this.
Which lens do like you use to photograph your slides?

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Can you do 4x5 internegs?
It didn't even occur to me, but I suppose I could; I think I remember PE mentioning that's how he makes internegs. I do have a color enlarger, but I guess I'd need a meter. Can you use a regular paper easel to hold the film?

My ultimate goal is to attempt making RA-4 prints at home; unfortunately, I don't see a 4x5 enlarger in my future.