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Forgot to add, that although I can see where the pre-flashed borders would help large volume photfinishers in keeping the process in control, anyone (HI SIMON, Hi ADOX) who wnated to make a viable 126 or 110 film could omit that step without causing serious issues with either home or commercial processing given the low volume compaired to 35mm going through the machines.

Low volume APS is of course more dificult as it requires the thin film base and the clear magnetic coating on the back to be sure it will work with many existing cameras. Ad lets face it there are many more 126 and 110 cameras out there than there were APS cameras ever made.
Yea but canon didn't make any EOS mount 126's... They did an APX, it's really fun, like shooting with a Sony NEX with a 70-200 L series lens, it's ridiculously silly and fun.

I actually haven't seen a 126 in a while.


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