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Just throwing it out there would anyone here be willing to pay $260 dollars per roll for Colour Kodachrome processing with a minimum of 5 rolls per order and payment before processing?
I do not post that often here but I find this post really interesting.

I seem to remember that Mr Frizza managed to reconstruct a Kodachrome processing line in his lab - my guess is that this is not the process price that has been chosen for maximum profit but the actual price (with or without mark-up) that has been extrapolated from the successful test. What I mean is that Mr Frizza may have gone the extra step, after establishing if it could be done, of costing the sourcing of the chemicals/longevity of mixed chems/estimated throughput/floorspace costings/labour costs and perhaps a commercial mark-up - leading to the $260 cost per roll.

Most things are actually possible but somethings, whilst possible, do not make economic sense or there are not enough people willing to pay the "uneconomic price" to gain the benefit from the product. Just my musings but an interesting cost per roll and no I wouldn't pay it!