Yeah I'm not accusing all pros of being crap, just most pros in all fields. There are always outliers like Hurrell and Villa to aspire to: people who have the domain-specific skills as well as the business skills.

I think photography is in an interesting place now because it's moving back to its amateur* roots. It was dominated by professionals for the latter half of the 20th century because the capital cost of entry was so high, but that's gone now. That's obviously bad if you're a photography professional (see all the pissing and moaning on forums like FM) but I think it's good for photography as a whole; despite the huge boom in crap output, there is also a boom in high-quality output because quality equipment got much more accessible. In other words, if you can find a way to filter out the 90%, the quality and quantity of exceptional practitioners has exploded because people can now do photography that they could never have previously afforded.

* in the sense of the skilled and passionate practitioner who does something because (s)he wants to, not because it will earn them a living.