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I'm not in the market at any price but geez people, stop whingeing about the price. You're paying for a couple of days work by a skilled and qualified (chemistry) lab technician, procurement of annoying-to-find chemistry in annoyingly small+expensive quantities, probably consumption of some other Kodachrome film-stock for process-control purposes, not to mention manufacture of some specialised equipment to perform the reversal exposure. Plus overheads on the commercial lab space where this is occurring.

Frankly I'm surprised it's that cheap. I don't expect Steve to get (m)any takers while E6 is still around but the price is remarkably low for what's involved. Maybe it'd get cheaper if someone scraped together 100+ rolls to run in a batch.

I suspect that in 10-20 years, 3D printing will be passe which means there will be open-source designs for coating machines and film processors, including for Kodachrome. At that point, I expect to see homemade Kodachrome or similar (since the chemistry seems simpler than E6) re-emerge as an ultra-premium LF material, e.g. for bespoke portraits at the very high-end. Same market as the dudes wandering around with 20x24" cameras and charging $10k for a sitting.

Quelle horreur!
"... $260 dollars per roll for Colour Kodachrome processing with a minimum of 5 rolls per order ..."

$260 * 5 and what do you have?
And that is still cheap? Kodachrome was not the only film on the planet, and with many films expiring by the wayside each year, we are here debating resurrecting Kodachrome "at any price"?