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Zoom technology has come a long way since the terrible examples of the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Canon's 17-40mm f4L zoom, bought speculatively given my preference for primes, is a gem
Yes, zoom technology has greatly benefited from the last two decades of competition among the Japanese camera manufacturers to make the best zooms. Canon makes some amazing zooms. Though I haven't tried the 17-40L, I almost bought one last year as a friend swears by it. I'll have to borrow his and stick it on my Elan 7 and go shoot some Tri-x.

It seems perfectly logical that a lens like the Canon 17-40L would be an amazing creative tool, as most of my favorite prime focal lengths fall between 17 and 40mm. However, in my experience (with other zooms, including the 16-35LII), this just hasn't been the case. Maybe you can elaborate on how you use a WA zoom, and if your process differs at all from using WA primes.