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Frankly I'm surprised it's that cheap. I don't expect Steve to get (m)any takers while E6 is still around but the price is remarkably low for what's involved. Maybe it'd get cheaper if someone scraped together 100+ rolls to run in a batch.
On the contrary, this is a great thread! How many ever really thought there might be another chance at Kodachrome, however once-in-a-lifetime it might have been?

And actually, I agree with 'polyglot'. Everyone and everything in the world has a price. Just because most can't or won't met that price does not mean that everyone can't or won't. It's an awfully big world. There is always somebody out there somewhere. In another context, that's why eBay works.

I have my one roll of souvenir K64 sitting lonely in the freezer next to my stash of glycin powder. It was saved for nostalgia and the chance to still thaw, open and smell once every couple of years. (Yeah, seriously.)

I therefore can't make the minimum rolls required by myself. But perhaps for the sake of having possibly shot the true final roll of Kodachrome, I might be game. I mean, how many photographers will ever be able to show Kodachrome slides that were truly hand-processed? (Other than maybe PE, of course.) And wouldn't it be nice to validate all of Stephen's hard work?

Gawd. Where would one point the camera? What would one shoot? How much more opposite from spray-and-pray could one possibly get?

Are there another four of you out there???