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The set was hardly used, being police crime lab equipment.
That is surprising with the high crime rates we're told to have these day -- one would expect heavily battered stuff..

Back to the topic: David B. never told us what he is photographing landscape style and whether he needs lots of movements or not and whether he wants to use WA lenses or not, etc. etc.. Perhaps a specification of his needs and desires will help to give him some sound advice. I just notice that questions like this trigger a strange kind of reaction amongst us forum members (myself included) to start rattling of camera types without knowing exactly what this person needs in specific . Whilst this is very nice to read about cameras and why we love them (endless topic), I always wonder what good it does for the thread starter.

OTOH when you start out in this field, what eventually happens is that you want to try all different types of cameras for their merit and some of us here (like me) end up having (at least) one camera of each type - folder, viewing, rangefinder, SLR. I think if I would have to do it all over again, I would have started out renting some equipment first before falling for it head over heels and buying it. The proof of the pudding still lies in the eating - and not in reading and pondering about it endlessly.

So perhaps, David, you should look around for a company in your region that rents out medium/large format gear - they're quite common here as not everyone has the money for a full set of equipment?

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