Yes, I found that 2-page flyer in the product listing. I was hoping for detailed instructions though that would tell me replenishment rates, not just capacity for a batch, and/or time-extension tables for use when running a batch to exhaustion instead of replenishing. Obviously I could use (replenishment rate = batch size / nominal capacity = 50mL/roll) but that invites over-replenishment because capacity with replenishment should be better than capacity by run-to-exhaustion. And I don't have the C41 control strips etc to determine whether I've gone wrong and am running too-thick soup.

The Rollei kit isn't Fuji chemistry, or at least it's not the same chemistry as in the Fuji Press kit though I could believe it's Fuji minilab soup. The Fuji kit has no separate starter (I presume it's mixed in with one of the dev components or omitted entirely) and provides a time-extension table with 5 steps over the life of a working-solution. And the Fuji concentrate ratios are unequal whereas the Rollei uses equal parts A/B/C. Of course, the Rollei parts could have been made by diluting the Fuji parts into larger quantities.

Missing wash steps in the instructions are well-complained-about here, so no problems with that.